Sunday, October 17, 2010

i've been lazing around all day

i think i've watched at least 12 episodes of supernatural today

and i've been scrapping too

i am working on some Halloween gift tags and some goodie bags as well

lots of altered riff raff on my kitchen table


but i really should shower....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Loooooong weekend

there is something about not being at work on a weekday that makes me feel like i have sooo much time on my hands

today i am scrapping and haning out with King

i have not showered yet

i may not shower

i don't have anywhere to go or anything that HAS to be done


Sunday, October 10, 2010

early on a weekend

i'm up early on a weekend

yesterday and today

5:45 am today

i have no kids

i do however have a large golden retriever who woke Keith and I up to SNUGGLE today

seriously, he wedged himself inbetween us and started nuzzling us, it was slightly pathetic and 100% cute at the same time

today i have already done laundry, showered, gone to Tim Hortons and watched some TV while laying like a slug on the couch

this is the 5th? maybe 6th? weekend in a row where i have been snuffly and sneezy.

i have some major scrapping to do today, and the scrap room is a little bit of a right off at the moment

so i will be organizing that as well

i bought some more Halloween scrappy stuff yesterday, there is something about it that i just LOVE
i think that i'm going to come up with some sort of Halloween banner for the house this year
what else can i do with that stuff???????


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i must have lots of money right?

that would explain why i feel the need to purchase an insane amount of scrapbooking supplies, TV on DVD like its going out of style, and fancy coffees that are so yummy for the tummy.

that must be the reason, no?

why on earth do i think that its a good idea to have more seasons of a tv show than i could possibly watch in one week?

why do i buy them all at once?

and the scrapbooking stuff, thats just craziness.
maybe if i created on a regular basis, but i basically buy stuff and put it away for who knows when.

i would like to say that i will stop.
i would really like to say that.

Friday, October 1, 2010

are you kidding me?

are you freaking kidding me people?

have you nothing better to do than get in my way and be snarky?

thats right, i said snarky.

i don't like it.

get a grip.

grow up.

and seriously, brush your teeth. there, i said it. PLEASE brush your teeth.

oral hygeine is very important here people, for the sake of everyone in close quarters of you, please brush your damn teeth.

oh, and don't roll your eyes at me either, or scoff.

because that makes me want to flick small pieces of paper at you. and i have good aim. not great aim, but good enough.

so to sum things up,

please practice better oral hygeine because the crap you are saying is ten times worse when you have bad breath.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh, hi there

i could appologize for the UNREAL amount of time that has passed since my last blog, but it would not be sincere. i don't really care.

i can give an update on the past two months easily.

my dog is still crazy
my life is still crazy
i work way too much
i sleep way too much
i am 26 now, eesh
i scrap sometimes

my small little corner of the cyber world gets forgotton because i could really not care less about typing on the computer when i could be sleeping instead.

i'm gonna put this question out there to the universe, am i cool?

i've always wanted to be cool, and i don't mean popular or anything like that. but you know those really interesting people, the ones who take lots of black and white photos and make their houses all nicely decorated with little homemade things?

i want to be cool like that.
i fear i am not nearly as interesting as i aspire to be.


Friday, July 23, 2010

MLBOW challenge

My Little Bit of Whimsy has a great challenge going on. They put up an awesome sketch, and all you have to do is share your take on it for a chance to win some whimsy buttons!!

i am in love with all of Stephs creations, i even featured one on this LO - there's a brown flower at the corner of the photo, its a whimsy!

thanks for looking!