Sunday, October 10, 2010

early on a weekend

i'm up early on a weekend

yesterday and today

5:45 am today

i have no kids

i do however have a large golden retriever who woke Keith and I up to SNUGGLE today

seriously, he wedged himself inbetween us and started nuzzling us, it was slightly pathetic and 100% cute at the same time

today i have already done laundry, showered, gone to Tim Hortons and watched some TV while laying like a slug on the couch

this is the 5th? maybe 6th? weekend in a row where i have been snuffly and sneezy.

i have some major scrapping to do today, and the scrap room is a little bit of a right off at the moment

so i will be organizing that as well

i bought some more Halloween scrappy stuff yesterday, there is something about it that i just LOVE
i think that i'm going to come up with some sort of Halloween banner for the house this year
what else can i do with that stuff???????


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